03 November 2009

The Worldwide Leader isn't completely useless.

Tuesday, since it's nothing but Monday in a Hat, seems to be a TV wasteland. Summer Tuesdays, I was forced to watch E:60 and the World Series of Poker at the gym. Gah. I don't even know what E:60 is, quite frankly. It's human interest sports stories?

Recently, however, ESPN has been running the 30 for 30 documentaries at 7:00, so I'm gone by the time poker starts. Yay! Incidentally, The Boy I Currently like has been raving about the 30 for 30 films. I've seen half of a few of them while at the gym and thought they were good -- from far away and without really being able to read the closed captioning. Maybe one of these days I'll remember to set my DVR. I would have liked to have really watched the one on Len Bias tonight.

Back to tonight, though. So, I'm watching E:60 while I'm on the treadmill and they had a brief feature on mutton bustin'. Mutton bustin' is like the rodeo. Except it's kids under six years old and they're riding sheep.

And yes, it is as awesomely hilarious as it sounds.

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