02 November 2009

The ups and downs of Sunday afternoon drinking.

Don't get me wrong, I had a delightful time with everyone at KayGee and The Prison Librarian's place yesterday, even if we were watching the Vikings-Packers game (thanks for not having any dam game breaks, Fox. Contrary to popular belief here were other games on, you douchebags).

However, today I'm really feeling the effects of having Sunday afternoon plans. I'm not hung over or anything. I just realized that I failed to do most of my usual Sunday-getting-ready-for-the-work-week stuff. I was only home for a couple of hours Saturday after my nephew's football game before I went to The Boy I Currently Like's place. And it was tough tearing myself away from there yesterday, so by the time I got home, I had like, an hour to shower and get ready.

So, here it was, Monday morning and I realized I have nothing for breakfast. Not even any bread, which also puts a crimp in my pre-gym snack. Speaking of the gym, I left my water bottle at home. Either I stop at Target and buy another one, or just buy a bottle of water at the gym. The first seems a bit much, but then I always have a bottle in my gym bag. The latter seems wasteful.

I managed to scramble up a couple of eggs and throw them in a tortilla and still make it to work at a reasonable time, so there's that. I forgot a bunch of other shit at home that isn't that important. I'll just have weird hair and when my makeup wears off, there will be no touch-ups. The good news is, I managed to remember everything I need for the gym (save for the water bottle). So, yay for that.

You know, it felt like there was something I should have been doing last night instead of laying on the couch reading Y: The Last Man and watching the Wolves game. Oh well. I got my laundry done and I'll get through today.


Reuben said...

maybe your gym has a drinking fountain?

Jess said...

There are, in fact, several drinking fountains at the gym. And it's all fine and good for when I'm lifting weights. However, having to stop my cardio workout and walk halfway across the building to get water every 10 minutes or so kind of ruins the whole keeping-my-heart-rate up thing. Not to mention the machines reset themselves after like not moving for 30 seconds.