27 November 2009

Thanks for nothin'.

I don't know why I had some crazy notion in my head that my sister might be able to refrain from making snotty comments for a few yours yesterday, what with it being Thanksgiving and all. It was silly for me to think that.

KayGee had said on Thanksgiving Eve that she was excited my sister was joining us. I wasn't so stoked. At least KayGee understood why when my sister managed to criticize my housekeeping, the organization of my cupboards, the size of my apartment and a few other things in just a few hours.

Why it's still bothering me is something of a mystery. Maybe because my favorite day of the year was ruined; the day I'd been looking forward to for months. Now all I have left are family holidays and right now I don't even want to be around my family. Maybe because my sister pretty much invited herself and then was still an asshole.

Then I had to change my plans with The Boy I Currently Like because the friend with whom he hangs out almost every Friday couldn't hang out tonight. So he gets Saturday and I don't get to watch football on Sunday with The Boy. And I was really looking forward to that. I really have to get my shit together and stop crying before I head over there, no matter what.

At least I can now stay as long as I want at the Thanksgiving Leftovers extravaganza 2009 tomorrow. Not sure I have enough sweet potatoes to bring. Good thing I bought a few extra on Wednesday when I stopped in to Super Target. I'm like, on the ball and shit.

Also, I'm not at work. So, there's that.


Anonymous said...

Aww I'm really sorry to hear that!

Jess said...

Eh, what can you do?

But thank you.