23 November 2009

So excited.

KayGee stopped by tonight to test out the turkey she bought for Thanksgiving in my roaster. Apparently, she couldn't find a 10-pound turkey, nor could she find a turkey breast. So, we're having a 13-pound turkey.


At the most, there will be four of us. The obscene amount of food we make every year is a running joke, but I'm worried we might become caricatures of ourselves if this continues. Also: leftovers.

Hahahahahahahah. Just kidding. We can never have enough food, because we must plan for every possibly contingency.

I got most of my shopping done tonight. All I really have left is liquor. I may have to buy some cheese/crackers/meat if my sister doesn't come, but that will be last minute. And I already hedged my bets and bought some cheese.

KayGee, the Physical Therapist and I were going to try to volunteer at Open Arms of Minnesota for a bit on Wednesday afternoon. However, by the time KayGee was able to get in touch with someone, they were already booked. It's okay. We can do it an other time. Now I'll have time to go the gym, make my cranberry-ginger relish and sweet potatoes and watch some Law & Order before going to Liquor Lyle's earlier than planned.

I can still barely believe that I have an ACTUAL DAY OFF from work. All that's left is tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure I can get through that. I did a pretty good job of just letting shit roll off my back today.

Oh, why can't it be Thanksgiving now? I can't wait! My posts are going to be all-Thanksgiving, all the time this week. Apologies.


Anonymous said...

Dude you can never have too much turkey lol!

Jess said...

This is true. Part of the reason we make so damn much food in the first place is so we have plenty of leftovers.