04 November 2009

Not exactly a great start.

Last week, preseason college basketball polls came out, and the Gophers were ranked 25 in the AP poll and 18 in the coaches poll. Awesome! I was excited about the start of college hoops anyway, but the prospect of having a Good Team this year, well, I was getting close to Cloud Nine.

Golden Gopher Basketball news this week, though ... not so good. Royce White, Minnesota's Mr. Basketball and the team's top freshman recruit this year, was arrested at the Mall of America and is suspended indefinitely. Well, that's just excellent. Devron Bostick was also suspended indefinitely, but there's no word on just what he did. But wait! There's more. JuCo transfer Trevor Mbakwe is also off the team until his felony assault case in Florida is resolved. He could miss the entire season, as it seems his December trial is almost certainly going to be pushed back.

And then there's the recent football team trouble with the law.

Honestly. (I'm shaking my head sadly, here, by the way.) I know you're young and stupid. We've all been young and stupid. However, when I was 18 and making poor choices, I was an anonymous college student. You are Big Time, D-1 athletes. Your fuck-ups will be noticed. One hopes you can learn from your mistakes, but I tend to not have a lot of faith in people. So, you know, prove me wrong and shit. Oh, and Ski-U-Mah!


Brian in Mpls said...

Just seems like suck a stupid way to blow your free ride.

Jess said...

Indeed. But then again, people fuck up good things all the time for stupid reasons.