22 November 2009

Just two days. I can do this.

Dear, sweet Jebus. I so need a day off. Like, desperately. In theory, I have Wednesday through Sunday off work. In practice, I will probably be working at some point (or, at several points) over the course of those five days.

And, you know, that's okay. Working from my living room isn't nearly as odious as working in the office. I spent a good chunk of yesterday and today worrying about work. I meant to do some work yesterday, but I was up at 6:00 a.m. Then, my sister, nephew and I had breakfast with our cousin and her wife. We'd not seen them since the wedding in Portland this summer. After that, I had a couple of hours before driving out to the 'burbs to watch my nephew's horrible, horrible basketball team. Then, I was off to see The Boy I Currently Like.

But I thought about working. So, there's that.

I took off from The Boy's quite early today. I was exhausted and stressed. the. fuck. out. However, once I got home and showered and got my laundry going, I sat down to work and it was fine. I feel a bit better about going in to the office for a couple days of work now. I was crying about it earlier.

The good news is: this project is almost done. AND! I only have one 40-hour work week scheduled the remainder of this year. In fact, I will be in the office a maximum of one full day the last two weeks of December. That all depends on when I can get in to get my IUD. I'm pretty sure that will be better than being at the office.

More good news: I'm actually going out to a bar at night this week. The last time I went "out" was in August. And it was wedding-related, so that hardly counts. But Wednesday is Thanksgiving Eve and it is Tradition that we go out on Thanksgiving Eve. It is, after all, the drinkingest night of the year. I've not been to Liquor Lyle's in ages ... probably since my birthday.

I have to get my Thanksgiving shopping done after the gym tomorrow. I'm sure I'll forget stuff and have to go for last-minute stuff Tuesday and Wednesday. It would help if my sister knew if she was coming or not, but her ex-husband is an asshole, so what can you do? Yes, after several years of NO FAMILY THANKSGIVING, my sister might be coming to celebrate with me, KayGee and The Prison Librarian. We will outnumber her, so I think it will be okay. And if I drink enough, who the fuck cares if she criticizes my housekeeping or whatever else she criticizes. I might just tell her to fuck off, too.

Just 16 hours. I can do this. Okay, maybe 18 hours. But I can do it! I will make it and then it'll be Thanksgiving Eve and everything will be AWESOME.


Diana said...

I will have both wheels and no knitting on Wednesday night, so if the young 'en cooperates, I'll be meeting you at Lyle's Wednesday (where I have also not been since your B-day). Is it wrong of me to put the baby in the Ergo so Mommy can get her drink and tater tot on?

(ALSO, the security word that I need to type after this comment is BACONA. I can't make this shit up.)

Jess said...

I'm certain he only wants you to be happy, so no. It is not wrong.

Also: Yay!