19 November 2009

Itchy, red welts.

All over my buttocks. Not really. But I can't resist giving a shout-out to NewsRadio at every opportunity. And hey -- at least I won't be showing my ass to Bob Costas (I wager maybe three people will get this).

I do have a nickel sensitivity. The doctor hasn't "read" my results yet, but the nurse deemed it a strong positive when she removed the patch on Wednesday. Actually, she needed help. She couldn't decide if it was a weak or a strong positive and had to get another nurse to help her decide. The second nurse knew right away. And quite frankly, if what I had was a weak positive, I'm pretty sure an extreme positive would kill me. Because, oh my God y'all, THE ITCHING. And I can't touch it until after tomorrow. I'M DYING.

Not being able to get the sterilization is disappointing. However, I didn't even know it was an option six weeks ago, so going with my original choice shouldn't be that big of a blow. All I know is that I need to NOT be on birth control when I switch to the new insurance plan next year. Paying $600 a year for the fucking Pill is RI.DIC.U.LOUS. Fucking honestly. I am still astounded that it would cost more with insurance "coverage" than I paid when my insurance didn't cover any prescriptions at all.

New health insurance bonus, though -- my asthma meds are considered preventive, so they will be free. That will save me more than a grand next year. It's good to know that being able to breathe is considered essential maintenance. My thyroid meds are not. Because I guess preventing my thyroid from growing back to prevent the return of thyroid cancer isn't considered prevention or maintenance. Such is life, right?

This week so needs to be over. I'm so ready for a short week and THANKSGIVING. I'm so excited, y'all. Kaygee and I have been e-mailing for a good week now; planning our menu and drinks, dividing responsibility, trading recipes, discussing Thanksgiving Eve plans (Liquor Lyle's, y'all). I need a few days off. Even if I end up working at home part of Wednesday and Friday -- I need it. I'm not in a terrible mood this week, or anything. Well, I wasn't really, but when I came home from the gym, I got inexplicably pissed at nothing. I'm not even sure why I'm angry or toward what or whom my anger is directed. Clearly, I need wine. Or more wine.


Toyota Lift of Minnesota said...

I thought you may have this link, but as a fellow bacon lover http://www.uncrate.com/men/culture/food/bacon-pop/

Jess said...

Why, thank you! Supposedly, there is a bag or so of that on its way to me shortly.

I shall certainly post about it.

oh well why not? said...

When I was a child, I thought as a child and spoke as a child. When I became a man, I took that child out back and had him shot

Jess said...

Don't try to confuse the issue with half-truths and gorilla dust!

Leah Rubin said...

The whole meds and insurance thing is crazy-- bummer about the news, though-- why did birth control not qualify under 'preventive' like your asthma meds???

Seems like the ultimate in 'preventive' to me!

Jess said...

I'm sure if men could take the pill, it would be covered under preventive medication.

However, since I'm a dirty slut who wants to have sex without getting pregnant, I must pay out the ass.

oh well why not? said...

P.S., the crow flies at midnight.