09 November 2009

If only it could be this version.

My sister and I will be singing at The Nun's vigil and funeral this weekend. I guess they have an actual vigil mass instead of a wake, which is odd. But this is a religious order, so, I suppose it's a bit fancier, what with being closer to God and all.

One of the songs we're singing is "How Great Thou Art," and while I've heard the song and am vaguely familiar with it, I've never had to sing it. So, I hit the interwebs so I could employ The Google. And I found the version below. We won't have an awesome backing choir (at the most, we'll have a bunch of nuns and an organ), nor will we have sweet jumpsuits. But I can pretend, right?


Bill From Gainesville said...

Sorry for your loss.

Jess said...

Thanks, dude.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Sorry again for your loss, but no sequins or bling on your fingers...doubly sad for you.

Jess said...

I know, right? It's a goddamn shame.

I'll find a way to sneak in something sparkly. Tastefully sparkly, of course.

Crazy 4 Flavour! said...

Sad news :(

I'd no idea that Elvis had sung this. A beautiful song, though I'm not too sure about Elvis' version; a bit slow starting I thought.

Anyway - good luck with singing it, I'm sure it will sound good and do 'The Nun' credit.

Jess said...


I think Elvis has an entire gospel/religious album. My dad might even have it, but that was one I didn't "borrow" for my iTunes. Guess I maybe should have.

Oh well. If I screw up, I can just say I was crying and not sucking.

Crazy 4 Flavour! said...

Knowing it was one of my wife's favourite songs, I looked for it on YouTube, and it seems that Elvis did far more than one religeous album!

I'd never have realised but for you post Jess. When is/was the event? We'll have a word on your behalf.

Jess said...

Always happy to spread the Elvis around.

Everything is this coming weekend.