08 November 2009

Big time!

I had a blog post featured in a story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press today. How terribly exciting!

The piece is called "A Day in the Life: Who is Minnesota? Look online at some blogs to find out," and is basically just a collection of posts from Minnesota blogs throughout the day on October 28.

It's shocking that Alleen Brown, who wrote the piece, managed to catch me on a day where I had not a single profanity in my post. Nor did I talk about my lady parts, blow jobs or anything else that would be wildly inappropriate for a major metropolitan newspaper. Don't get me wrong -- my post might still have made it in. The PiPress, after all, is the sexy newspaper in MSP. Or it was when I was in Journalism school.

My name isn't even on it, so it's not like it's a big deal. Actually, I'm fairly glad about that. I hesitate to let my family know that I have a blog. They don't need to read profanity-laced tirades. They don't need to know about my lovelife. There's really so much they don't need to know. But at the same time, I kind of don't care. I mean, I went and posted the link on Facebook (though, I didn't say which post was mine ... if someone wants to visit each blog and figure out the one written by Jess, more power to them). Can't make it too easy, right?


Diana said...

Yay, Jess! I'm all proud and shit!

Jess said...

Hey, thanks!