01 October 2009


Today, I received a box chock full o' popchips! for me to sample and review. Yay!

I am excited. So excited, in fact, that I inhaled the bag of sour cream and onion potato. They are delicious, and I don't even really like sour cream and onion as a potato chip flavor.

The big review will wait. I might have someone help me -- there are several bags, after all. However, there are a whopping total of 100 calories in each bag, so I could totally eat them all and it wouldn't be a big deal.


Stephanie said...

I am very helpful. I can help...

Mmm. Chips.

Jess said...

You are!

Also, I have coupons.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Do people just randomly send you things to sample?

Didn't some bacon company send you bacon salt last year?

Jess said...

I actually bought the Bacon Salt, then got a couple of Bacon Salty gifts from Justin and Dave. When they partnered with BIGS Sunflower Seeds, they hooked me up with samples, too.

As for popchips!, they had sent out an e-mail saying if you had a blog and would like to review them, drop them a line. And that is what I did.

The Boy I Currently Like does randomly get things to review for his blog. Expensive shit, even.

It's not completely unsolicited. You get an e-mail asking if you'd be interested in sampling/reviewing and go from there. I still have a book review to do on a book of old photos of Minneapolis. Jesus. I will do that!