07 October 2009

Now that's what I call health care.

I was filling out my health assessment (read: lying about how much I drink) in preparation for my annual exam tomorrow and read on the little "What to expect on your preventative medicine exam" sheet that as a part of my exam, I could get a problem drinking screening AND brief intervention.

Wow. How comprehensive. But if it's brief, I doubt you're going to get my friends and family in to tell me how my drinking is destroying their lives ... or whatever it is you do in an intervention. How will that get me to change my ways?

Maybe she could do it while my feet are in the stirrups, for efficiency's sake. Honestly, it would be better than the usual idle chit chat that usually happens when she's sticking that speculum in my lady flower.

Alas, I lie about how much I drink, so there's no need for an intervention. I only lie because she thinks a drink a day is too much. Instead of discussing what a huge fucking lush I am, I'm sure we'll spend the time going over, once again, how I've come to terms with not wanting kids. Fun!


Emily B. said...

Does your OB really talk to you about coming to terms with not wanting kids? That would annoy the crap out of me. And I even HAVE kids!!!!

Jess said...

It's my GP. She was prepping me for talking to the gynecologist last year when I was considering an IUD. I ended up canceling the appointment, but I'm ready to do it now, so I imagine I'll have to go through all of it again.

More tomorrow!

Little Ms Blogger said...

A preachy OB is just wrong! Besides I'd think they rather have you on birth control than running out and using an abortion as your preferred method of birth control.