26 October 2009

Mammogram Monday.

Oh, what a way to start a week. As if a mammogram on its own wasn't bad enough (it's really not that bad), the tech who x-rayed my rack somehow managed to not get a nipple profile on the first two shots, so I had to have a total of six instances of boob-squashing.

Yeah, I said "nipple profile."

This was my second mammogram. I had my first two years ago. The tech said it was good I was starting early, what with my mom and her sister having had breast cancer. Oh, and with my dad's mom and sister also having it ... she kind of trailed off there. I wanted to finish it with "you've got it coming and going."

The experience is unpleasant, to say the least. But it's better than going to the dentist (really, a root canal isn't even that bad. Paying for it is another story). Shit. Getting a mammogram is better than going to work. I know I've got it better than some, because apparently, having huge cans is actually a good thing when getting a mammogram. I can see why, since I have a fucking F cup and the skin from my neck was still being pulled into the vise. Actually, I think I may be back down to a DD cup. Or close.

Anyway, I got my mammogram. It was no big deal. I remember my mom making a big day of it. Her group of friends all had appointments around the same time, and then they'd get lunch and go out for drinks and shopping and shit. Because she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 48, I don't get to have that experience. I didn't have any friends to take the day off with me to "make a day of it" when getting our mammograms. Nor do I have that at 35. So, I got my mammogram and then went to the gym both times. I was going to stop at DQ on the way home, but it would have meant going backward, so fuck that shit.

Before my mammogram, I had my consult with the gynecologist about my IUD/Essure. My gynecologist -- she is awesome. I love her. There was no "You're sure you don't want kids? Positive? You've come to terms with never having kids? You've made peace with it?" Nothing. She asked if I wanted kids, I said no, that's it.

She's fully on board with me getting Essure. She addressed my concern about the fact that it's only been approved for use in the U.S. since 2002 -- the material is used inside the body in a number of different applications. It was just approved for this particular use in the U.S. in 2002. And it's been used in Europe for a while. She's having the allergy department call me to set up a patch test to see if I have the nickel sensitivity or not. I guess that's the bridge I should wait to get to before anything else.

There's also the procedure. Since I've not had a kid, I would probably need to do the procedure under IV sedation with a local in an outpatient setting. That's going to be much more spendy than the $15 I'd pay for having it done in the clinic. FIFTEEN DOLLARS! That's for never having to worry about birth control EVER. AGAIN. And she actually said, "Hey, we could try it here if you wanted." Um ... yeah, maybe not. I like her willingness to work with me.

She was also on board with the IUD. After the PMS I went through last week, I would give anything to not have a period for a while. That's the biggest plus on the Mirena IUD side. She couldn't say one way or another whether I'd suffer the acne freak out or not. However, she said, "If you try the Mirena and you don't like it, we can take it out and do Essure. I just ask that you give it three months."

Seriously. Love. Her.

I've got more calls to the insurance company to make. Much pondering to do. I was really surprised to have two very good friends advise me against Essure. Really surprised. One wants kids. The other never, ever wanted them until she met someone she was madly in love with and then she was on board with the idea. However, they ended up not having a second bedroom, so the opportunity and the urge are gone. Either way, they've both known me for years and have never known me to even want a baby a teenie tiny bit. It's a little disappointing.

Most likely, it'll be January before I do anything. If I get the IUD, I need to time it with my period, which just happens to coincide with the next two major holidays, which will make major scheduling problems. Also, I've got the grace period for my flex plan. If I do it after the first of the year and it ends up being fairly expensive (Essure), I can use up 2009 and then tap into 2010 flex funds. Oooh, I'm clever!


Emily said...

Well I hope everything with all of your lady parts goes swimmingly.

Jess said...

Hey, thanks, Emily.