18 October 2009

"Live scoring," my ass.

Dear Fanball:

You fucking suck. Your live scoring is at least six minutes behind game time (actually, the Vikings and Ravens is over [fuck you, Vikings] and there are still five-plus minutes left according to Fanball), which is probably closer to 20 minutes or a half hour in real time.

Also, your slow "live scoring" changes constantly. The Carolina-Tampa Bay game has been over for a while. Do you think maybe you could decide whether or not you're going to count those two touchdowns my defense/special teams scored? They only hang around for a minute or so, then I get one back and then I get the other and then they both go away.

Honest to fucking Christ. This is certainly not worth the money we're paying. What's the point of having live scoring if it is a half hour slow and it's wrong half of the time? Of course, in all of his wisdom, Stoner Commish thinks we should keep it. Probably because he knows how to work shit to give him an edge.

Maybe by tomorrow morning I'll know what the fuck is going on with my team.

Lick my ass,


Bill From Gainesville said...

Is it so bad you can't even tell if you are winning or not?

Jess said...

As far as I can tell, I'm winning right now. However, it's now a full quarter behind. So who knows?

Figures that the week my defense scores 19 points and I get 30 out of Ray Rice and Brees, I'm up against stupid fucking Tom Brady and his six fucking touchdowns.

If I lose this week, I'm fucking done.

K-Rod said...

Fanball certainly can be ugly; we use it for our league as well; you get what you pay for.

On a bright note, I knocked off the last undefeated team in my league. I have the most total points in my conference yet I am only 3-3. Yes, it seems to be a competitive season.

Jess said...

I'm in kinda the same boat -- 3-3, but I have the second-highest point total. So, I'd be the number one seed in the Toilet Bowl. Yay.