15 October 2009

I'm feeling listy.

Okay, so I'm not feeling like I need to make a lot of lists. However, I don't want to write several blog posts about different things on the same day and I cannot be bothered to remember to space them out over a period of days. So lists it is!

It's going to be a long winter. But maybe not a bad winter? I'm not sure how much I believe it, as the Farmer's Almanac predicted a horrible, cold, wet winter. My winter will be long because I won't get another CSA box until June. JUNE, people! There are two weeks of the Farmer's Market left, but after that, I have to buy my produce in the grocery store like a sucker. Such is life in Minnesota, right? I stayed at work very late tonight to wait for the Very Last Box, because the coworker with whom I am splitting my box was coming in to split up the box. Except, he didn't show up. So I left work very late, traffic was bad and I missed yoga. Thanks, ass.

The stupidest thing I've read today. It was this comment on the story about the Balloon Boy on the Strib's website:

Up, Up and Away In My Beautiful Balloon!

What an extraordionary American adventure story! If this kid comes down unharmed he will be a hero! It's good to see kids curiouos enough to do adventurouos things that are on the edge. Gives me hope that at some of the kids out there are not complete couch potatoe video gamers!

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My guess is the one person who "liked" his comment was himself. Fucking moron. A hero, really? He saved no one's life or prevented any sort of calamity. Idiots.

I should have turned on safe searching. Earlier today, I was doing some research that led me to come across this picture. You'd better believe I shared it with The Boy I Currently Like and my coworkers. You can't keep that kind of thing to yourself.

Experimenting. I made truffles earlier this week for The Boy I Currently Like. They taste good, but they look awful. They could taste better, too -- I should have added more booze. The Social Worker got some and she said they were amazing, so that's good. The World's Worst Wing Woman will get a few, and I'm hoping The Social Worker shares some with The Prison Librarian. I'm glad I tried them, because now I know I can make them. And I know I can make them better the next time around. I'm also experimenting right this very moment with a from-scratch brownie recipe. I tried one last week and fucked it up, and I just didn't have the money to make the Nigella Triple Chocolate Brownies (or the desire to eat them ... God, they're good, but I can eat like, one a week).

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