04 October 2009

A fitting farewell.

Today was supposed to be the Twins' farewell to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. However, this being Minnesota, it would stand to reason that it would be a Minnesota goodbye (you think it's not real? When I have to leave a gathering -- especially if it's family -- I start at least 45 minutes before I actually have to leave).

The Twins will play Detroit one more time at the Dome on Tuesday for game 163. This is the second consecutive year the Twins have played an extra regular-season game to determine the winner of the AL Central. Last year, it didn't go so well. Please note: the title of that blog post does not refer to my emotions about the Twins losing last year. This year, it's been so crazy -- a few weeks ago, even I'd half given up on them. They were below .500 and seven games out of first and then all of a sudden, they're within a couple of games.

But now -- NOW! They might make the playoffs. Without Justin Morneau. Having the AL Batting Champ/MVP on your team doesn't hurt. Nor does having several players step up in Morneau's absence. I'm concerned about the bullpen, though. Whatever. I'm excited they're still playing. Nothing matters but Tuesday at this point.

I am pissed the game is starting at 4:00 on Tuesday. Why? What the fuck is going on Tuesday night that you can't have it in prime time? There's nothing on TV Tuesday. There are no sports on. Oh, wait. Maybe it's because of the Wild opener? That really shouldn't matter, as the NHL season is like 11.5 months long. THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF OTHER GAMES. Also, it's Tuesday. We all know Tuesdays blow. They are just Monday in a hat. So why not put the game at 7:00? Assholes.

Of course, last year for game 163, I was helping The Boy I Currently like move the last of his things into his new place. So, it's not like I got to watch most of that one. I can't believe he's been in the new place a whole year. I suppose it's not really "new" anymore, is it?

Before I could spend my afternoon watching the Twins, however, I had to get up really fucking early to go watch my brother in the Twin Cities Marathon.

Last year, I went by myself. My ex-brother-in-law was being an asshole about when my sister could pick up her son, so they couldn't go. The weather was also shitty.

This year was a different story. It was lovely -- at least until after he finished. My sister and nephew were around. So, they came over and we went to Lake Calhoun to catch him at Mile Six. We had no problem seeing him and he had high fives for us. Then we went to the Uptown for breakfast. Possibly my last visit there and my sister and nephew's first and last.

We had no problem meeting up with his girlfriend and another friend between Mile 26 and the finish. He was looking much better than last year. And it stands to reason, as he shaved more than seven minutes off his time from last year. It's impressive and sickening, quite frankly. He's only recently started running in the last couple of years and he's turning in impressive times in his first two marathons. He's still a few minutes away from qualifying for the Boston Marathon, but it's still impressive.

Now I have to go clean up the mess from the soup and bread I made. Not sure what possessed me to make the soup, as I'm not much of a fan of soup. But it's pretty good. I have to use up my CSA veggies somehow and I can't keep doing the same thing over and over. That's part of the point of the box -- I get new foods to try and familiar foods to use in new ways.

Despite the fact that I have Friday afternoon off, I think this is going to be a long week -- especially since I have to get my lady parts checked out on Thursday. Wheeeeeeee!


etc said...

I'm pretty sure the game is at 4:00 because the winner will have to travel to New York for a game the next day.

Jess said...

Yeah, I realized that pretty quickly. Possibly before I finished writing. But I left it as is because I hate Tuesdays and the NHL season really does last forever.

What I didn't know until yesterday, however, is that the team with the best record gets to choose which day they start the playoffs. Granted, it's "You can choose between Wednesday and Thursday." But I thought MLB did all the scheduling.

Becca said...

that might have been the most rambling post you have ever written. Granted I've only been following for about a year, but praise jebez that was all over the place.

Jess said...

My most sincere apologies. I'll try to do better next time.