09 September 2009

Who knew?

During yoga tonight, I was desperately craving a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. This might not seem odd to you, but it was pretty shocking to me. You see, I do not like tomatoes.

Or so I thought.

Oh, I quite like tomato products -- salsa, ketchup, tomato sauces, soup (in fact, tomato soup is the only kind I actually like). It's raw tomatoes in sandwiches or other applications for which I really do not care.

But the tomatoes we've been getting in our CSA box have been absolutely fucking phenomenal. I've been eating all kinds of sandwiches with raw tomato, not to mention I've been making raw pasta sauces. This weekend, I think I really must make a pico de gallo.

As it turns out, eating really fresh, in-season tomatoes makes a huge difference. That's a big part of the farmer's market and CSA -- eating in season. It's amazing to me to be craving something that I have never liked. Sure, part of it is my palate has become more sophisticated as I've gotten older, so I'm more open to things I hated as a kid. You really cannot discount the freshness and quality, however. It's amazing.

My only regret was that I didn't have time to cook up some bacon and/or caramelize some onions. Looks like I've got a lot of weekend projects already.

Also, I realize that I've been yammering on and on all summer about my CSA box and how it is one of the best decisions I've ever made, but ... well, it is! We have just a little more than a month left and then I'll be pining for it all winter. God, I wish I had a big freezer or some storage space. I would be freezing and canning the fuck out of some vegetables.


Bill From Gainesville said...

Love some fresh tomatoes with salt on them -- Had one tonight !!

Jess said...

That's the one frontier I've yet to brave. It might be a bit before I get around to that one.