08 September 2009

This just in.

Shocking news: Men love boobies and women hate sex.

The Daily Mail's headline is actually a bit misleading. In fact, the study found that just less than half of men -- 47 percent -- went to a woman's rack on first glance. It does seem, though, that the rack has the largest percentage of first glances.

As for the second story ... well, that just makes me sad on a couple of levels. I'll admit that I have a difficult time understanding how there are women -- and apparently lots of women -- who don't like sex. I just do not get it. At. All. Sex is awesome.

But let us look past the fact that I can't wrap my head around not enjoying sex. (Don't get me wrong -- bad sex isn't enjoyable. But if it sucks, I'd rather not be doin' it.) Doing it to avoid a fight or to get your man to "take out the rubbish" seems ... well, it doesn't seem right. The idea of sex with a manipulative and disinterested partner doesn't really do it for me.

On a positive note, however, the story did give me what I hope can be a new weekday, work-appropriate euphemism for sex: taking out the rubbish. I have a really tough time keeping weekday, work hours e-mails with The Boy I Currently Like PG (or PG-13, if I'm feeling especially daring) and I usually end up unleashing a stream of filthiness as soon as the work week is over. Maybe a delightful euphemism will help out in that arena.


Little Ms Blogger said...

I can see how a woman could hate sex - if it's bad like you mentioned or with a husband they HATE....oh wait, I solved that problem by getting divorced.

Leah Rubin said...

Yeah, what happened to that little blip of time when, in light of the Governor Mark Sanford escapade, there was a movement to call it "hiking the Appalachian Trail"? I thought that was fun!

(Then again, I'm a news junkie!)