24 September 2009

Things I was going to write about.

Assholes at the gym who think I must be their damn mother/wife/maid, because they are too lazy/disgusting to CLEAN THE DAMN MACHINE THEY SWEAT ALL OVER.

My stupid brain that forgot to tell me to put socks in my gym bag before I left this morning and then I forgot to charge my iPod while driving to the gym, so my cardio experience before yoga was fucking horrible.

Still no check reimbursing me for my overdraft fees, and now my e-mails and phone calls are being ignored. How long before I involve HR? I hate that fucking place so much.

There was probably more, but we had yoga outside tonight for what is almost certainly the very last time this year. It was delightful and I'm feeling too calm to bitch too much about anything.

Check back tomorrow, though, in case you need your dose of vitriol from me.


Brian in Mpls said...

I would clean your sweaty gym machine with my tongue

Reuben said...

I got in a big fight with the family one year because (apparently) I was sweating all over the Thanksgiving turkey. I don't think I was (maybe a little bit in the gravy, though...). But hey, it was HOT in that goddamn kitchen.

Jess said...

Oh dear. Looks like Brian is drinking already. Well, it is Friday and it's noon somewhere.

Perhaps "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen," was truly appropriate in that situation, Reuben.

Mox said...

LMFAO at Reuben. This is only funny to me because I didn't have to eat the gravy or turkey in question.

Love your blog! I have a little som-m som-m for you if you'd care to claim your prize: