19 September 2009


I went to my nephew's second football game of the season this afternoon. I arrived just in time to see a young man and a granny get tossed from the field by one of the refs for ... being assholes, I guess? Klassy!

My sister said there had been an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called, which was what seemed to set off the kid and the granny. She was cursing a blue streak and called the ref a "sore loser." Uh, do you understand how this works at all? A guy near us said there had been some smack-talking between the coaches earlier (this wasn't even my nephew's game ... they run horribly, horribly behind), which might have added to the antagonistic atmosphere. Later, another woman and her kids got yelled, possibly for being on the wrong side of the field. She also said something along the lines of "sore loser." Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype that women don't know shit about sports.

Look -- those refs could have been on a power trip. I don't know. Lord knows that kind of thing doesn't happen. I'd just arrived and hadn't been around to see the coaches jawing at each other or the penalty that set off the spectators. But when the ref is warning that he's going to toss you, maybe you should shut the fuck up. I'm sure your brother/grandson is so proud.

Honestly, y'all. They're children. These are fifth and sixth graders. It's not that serious. And to the guy bitching about my nephew's team doing an onside kick when they're up 28-0? It's not intentional. That really seems to be all their kicker can do. He's maybe 12 years old -- I don't think he's good enough to intentionally put that kick in the exact same spot, where that kid will fumble it every time. THEY'RE JUST NOT THAT GOOD YET.

In more positive sporting news, how 'bout them Twins? A week ago, it seemed that all was lost. But now here we are with just days left to go in the season, and they're just two games behind division leader Detroit, with four games left to play against the Tigers. It ain't over yet, y'all. I will definitely be focusing my attention on baseball early tomorrow afternoon and skipping the putrid early NFL games we get here. The Vikings and Detroit or Green Bay vs. the Bungles? No thanks.

The stupid Gophers lost today, but you can't win 'em all, right?

Now I've moved on to more feminine, domestic pursuits, however. I'm waiting for my Blondies to cool to see if my modifications to make them less awful for me have worked. I subbed half whole wheat flour, a half cup of applesauce for one stick of butter and cut out one-third cup of sugar. The batter looked good before I threw them in the oven. Now that they're out, they don't have that familiar cracked, brownie-like top, but I don't care.

Really, all that matters is that I'm not at work and I actually got paid yesterday. Fuck and yes.

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