23 September 2009

A sensitive nose is no fun.

How my sense of smell can be so finely tuned sometimes is beyond me. I could swear that I'm congested about 75 percent of my life. And yet, I always smell the worst things.

Take tonight for example. I had to move from an elliptical machine in the back row left side of the cardio area to a treadmill on the right side in the front to get away from a guy who smelled just fucking terrible. Okay, so part of the reason I moved so far away was so I could watch the baseball game on ESPN. But still.

What I don't understand is how this guy, who must live or work in the area, could end up smelling like my dad after a day in the hog barns. Dude, I know it seems like it is defeating the purpose, but you really need to shower before coming to the gym when you smell the way you do. For Christ's sake, when my brother is working on the farm, he'll take a shower before he goes out to work. He's kind of a bad example, as he has to make sure his clothes match before he heads out to the barn or field. My brother is a freak.


Eyes Wide Open said...

Ha! The kind folks at my gym actually got a petition going about Senor Stinky...he smells so foul that no one would use any equipment near him,even if there were lines for other machines. Finally, one old lady had it and gathered names to present to management. I'm not sure how it all panned out though...

Jess said...

That is all kinds of awesome. I wish you knew how it ended.