15 September 2009

It's nice to have people in the office who take initiative.

Take my coworker who often cleans out the fridge, for example. Now, I try to be good about throwing my stuff out that's gotten old. Sometimes I forget if that one particular yogurt is mine or not, so I leave it. But otherwise, I don't leave shit in there to get moldy or anything.

I ate part of my lunch and decided I was full, but that full feeling was premature, so I went back to get my dessert or maybe eat a bit more of my lunch. So, color me surprised when I opened the fridge and saw ... well, nothing really. There were a few condiments on the door, three pieces of string cheese, a yogurt and the container of tomatoes I'd brought this morning for my sandwich.

Gone were my potatoes, chicken, carrot cake (with wee tub of frosting), pudding, lettuce and half of an English muffin. That was part of my lunch from today, part of my lunch from tomorrow, my dessert and my pre-workout snack. Oh, and the pudding was to have been eaten on Friday, but I left it because it wouldn't expire for some time and the carrot cake will only be good for so long, you know? None of it was expired or moldy. For fuck's sake, I just made the chicken, potatoes and carrot cake on Sunday.

I asked him where all my food had gone, and he said, "Oh, I cleaned out all the expired stuff and moldy old food. What did you have in there?" I recited my list for him and he was all, "Well, I saw the moldy and I just kind of went nuts." Yeah, thanks dude. I spent money on that food and those containers (that I would like to recycle when they've given their all, not just toss them in the trash) and I spent all goddamn day on Sunday making that food. Thanks. And no, I don't want the cookie bars your wife made.

Given the whole payroll debacle (I still haven't been reimbursed for my overdraft fees after a month ... and more overdraft fees), I'm trying to be really good about using all my leftovers and not being wasteful. I really don't have the money to be throwing away entire meals.

Fuck, dude. God dammit.


Bill From Gainesville said...

At my work we send out e-mails basically warning people. Pretty much every Friday morning. You are warned that stuff will be thrown out if it is in there at 5 p.m. So maybe suggest that to the tool that threw your stuff out....

Little Ms Blogger said...

Most food is thrown out on Friday afternoons (at least at every office I worked at).

I like Bill's suggestion.

Why would he think the chicken moldy? If made on Sunday, it would go bad in 2 days.

Jess said...

I personally don't think things are moldy until I see mold on them. The things that were put in the fridge yesterday or Monday, or even something I know had been left in there since Friday weren't moldy.

And I'll be having a spoiled chicken sandwich for lunch today. For having gone bad, it's really very tasty.

Jess said...

FYI: I get my guidelines on how long to keep stuff around from Still Tasty. It's pretty brilliant.