28 September 2009

I'd forget my own head, and other such clichés.

Last week, I forgot to put a pair of socks in my gym bag when I packed it before work. So, I had to do my pre-yoga cardio without socks. There are days I forget my contacts and days I forget my non-prescription sunglasses. All of these forgotten items make for a less-than-ideal gym experience, for sure. But I get by. I haven't forgotten anything really important in a long time.

Until today.

As I was leaving work and walking to my car, I wondered if I'd put my gym shoes into my gym bag this morning. I remembered taking my work shoes out of my bag, but couldn't remember putting my sneakers in and zipping up the shoe compartment. I'm not sure why I didn't check before I drove to the gym, but I didn't.

When I got into the locker room and set my bag down, it certainly appeared that my shoe compartment was full. I was delighted to discover my entirely-too-pink shoes right where they were supposed to be. I mean, honestly. How could I have forgotten my shoes? They're a very integral part of the whole workout routine. Except for yoga.

So, all was well. I set to rummaging about the larger compartment of the bag to fish out my socks, my pants and shirt and my sport bra. My ... sport bra. Oh, God dammit. I fucking forgot my bra.

Look, I can make do without socks. I can suffer with my glasses fogging up, getting smeary and sliding down my nose. I can drive into the sun, face all scrunched up, while developing a headache if I forget sunglasses. But I absolutely, most definitely cannot work out while wearing the bra I'm wearing right now. Shit. I can't even run across the street in that bra without holding my tits. And I don't really think I could have held on to The Girls for dear life through 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and elliptical machine. Sure, people might think I'm crazy, but I'd have been more concerned about falling off one of those pieces of equipment. My balance has improved immensely through yoga, but I still have to occasionally grab the hand ... rails? while I'm on the treadmill.

It was not a huge deal to have to come home. I actually considered skipping the gym earlier, as I'm coming down with a head cold. I don't feel terrible, but I thought maybe if I was home relaxing, I'd be able to get to bed at a decent hour and maybe feel a bit better tomorrow. And hey -- I was home in time to catch all of the Twins über-important game against Detroit. Except, the game has been postponed until tomorrow because of inclement weather. Sweet.

Maybe I'll come out of tonight with some homemade bread, if everything goes well. So, it won't have been a total loss.


Leah Rubin said...

Remind me to tell you about the time I went to work without a skirt... Yeah, I had the pantyhose, the nice blouse, the suit jacket and the heels, but no skirt... It's a true story, and I'll blog about it maybe this week! But this was a great post, and I want you to remember that you're not alone!

Jess said...

When I first read this, I thought maybe you're a morning gym person and packed everything you need for work, save for your skirt.

Now I'm thinking I might be wrong and you actually went out of the house without a skirt on. Awesome!

Becca said...

So I have to admit I was a touch jealous when I read your post. I could probably run a marathon in a normal bra and be just a touch on the sore side. Forgetting my sports bra to do 45 minutes of cardio wouldn't make a bit of difference.

Lora said...

I keep bras in my gym locker because nothing says "bounce" like the absence of a sports bra.

Also, the bouncing? Makes me feel fat.

Leah Rubin said...

I'm here to say that I have bestowed the coveted "Kreative Blogger" award on you! Congratulations, and keep up the wonderful work.

Now, check it out!

Jess said...

Do not be jealous, Becca. It ain't all it's cracked up to be. I'm actually jealous of women who can work out in regular bras, or *gasp* no bra at all.

I wish I went to a fancy gym that allowed you to keep stuff in a locker overnight, Lora. Alas, I go to a shitty gym and have to haul my shit there every time I go. As for the bouncing ... well, I am fat, so ...

Thanks, Leah!