16 September 2009

I am such a sucker.

It really doesn't take a whole lot to win me over. Tell me I have pretty hair, buy me a drink, and I am yours.

Or in the case of our new yoga instructor, a quick temple massage with some lavender oil during Savasana will make me forget that your class really doesn't seem to have any flow, nor is it much of a challenge.

You're a clever, clever woman. I might just stick around.


omchelsea said...

OOh, that's very sneaky and clever. But still, find a new teacher. you can always take your own lavender eyebag!

Jess said...

Excellent point. I actually wipe down my mat before class with a lavender wipe. So, it's not like I don't get a little lavender every class.

Little Ms Blogger said...

What a great unexpected surprise. I agree with omchelsea, but sometimes it is nice when someone does something nice for or to you.

Frank said...

Cookies are the way to my heart. If places like seminaries had cookies at the front door, I'd probably be a monk by now.