30 September 2009

Every little bit helps.

How terribly, terribly sad is it that I rejoiced just a little bit ago when my plugged-up left ear suddenly cleared? That is the best thing that has happened to me this week. I've got a bit of a head cold, and last night when I used my neti pot (doesn't that woman look a little like Reese Witherspoon?), some of my sinus congestion decided to head over to my left ear, which was clogged for 24 fucking hours.

I don't feel that terrible, but my sinuses are so packed full of shit that my teeth, ears and eyes hurt. Boo!

You've not heard anything about my check situation lately, have you? I thought I'd posted on Friday that after an e-mail and two phone calls the HEAD OF PAYROLL called me back. She said that accounts payable had cut the check but not mailed it. She also said she thought everything had gone according to plan, until she got my e-mail. Thanks for fucking returning that e-mail, you fucking cunt. And for returning the call from Thursday. She said she'd overnight the check on Monday and if it wasn't here when I got home from work on Tuesday, I should call her.

After our phone conversation, she did e-mail me to ask for the documentation I'd sent her a fucking month earlier. Yeah, I'm sure she submitted it when she said she did, if she needed the documentation. My guess right now is that she never did it and expected me to just give up. You thought wrong, lady.

I'm sure you can guess where this is going. When I finally got home yesterday, there was no check. I called her. She didn't call me back today. There was no check when I got home from work today, either. I called her again and do not expect to hear back from her.

This weekend, I will pull all my documentation together and send an e-mail to HR, just so there is a record of all of this somewhere. I've spent entirely too much time stressed out about this. It's fucked me up financially for at least the rest of the year, if not longer. It's humiliating to have to beg for this fucking money. I'm embarrassed to constantly have to say I can't do things because I have no money -- going out with friends, lunch with my coworkers, buying dinner for The Boy I Currently Like. Not being able to pay my bills and using quarters to buy my groceries isn't exactly fun, either.

I just want someone to acknowledge that they fucked up big time, you know?


Kate said...

I'm so sorry! This happened to me with getting reimbursed for my travel expenses (I traveled a lot, think 1000's) until I went to my boss and told him that I couldn't afford to work for him anymore. After months of begging, the check was sitting on my desk a few days later when I got to work. I hope that this is finally really fixed for you soon!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Seriously, that is insane. I'd be so pissed off.

Btw, I love and cherish the Neti Pot. It comes out every time I start feeling congested and shortens my cold in 1/2.

Jess said...

After the problems with accounts payable cutting the check but not mailing it, apparently the shipping department wouldn't mail it. The money was wired to my account today.

Meanwhile, I racked up probably three times as much in additional overdraft fees and I will make note of it and let HR know, BUT I HAVE CUT MY LOSSES.

Honestly, how out of touch are people with reality that they don't realize you need money to ... pay bills, eat, you know, live? Fuckers.

BTW, I spent 20 minutes working with my Neti Pot this morning. That's crazy congestion.