20 September 2009

A day of huge mistakes.

Okay, so I may be exaggerating a wee bit. I know, I know; it's so incredibly uncharacteristic of me. However, when examined in the context of all the decisions I've made today, these really are glaringly awful.

First, I decided to bench Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson in favor of New Orleans's Robert Meacham. The former got me all of three fantasy points last week and this week would be receiving passes from the back-up quarterback. Meacham, on the other hand, had somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 fantasy points and Drew Brees would be throwing to him again this week.

So, of course, Jackson ends up with 17 fantasy points and Meacham with two. Mother. Fucker. It probably won't matter, as I'm barely ahead at this point. I think, anyway. Fanball's live scoring is complete and utter shit this season. Points keep coming and going all day -- my defense's points are going from six to nothing and back every time it reloads.

My second huge mistake happened not too long after the I made my first awful decision. I stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home from the gym, as I'd not been there since Friday. Actually, when I left on Friday, I immediately regretted my decision to not buy a $3 basil plant, so I went back to get it today.

While I was there, I purchased a bag of sweet potato chips. The guy who rang me up said he couldn't buy them very often, as he'd eat the entire bag as soon as he got them home. Clearly, this is a testament to how good they are, right? Y'all, he wasn't lying. I need to hide them or something, because I can't stop eating them. God, I fucking love sweet potatoes in essentially any application. Not pie, though. Blech.

You may have noticed that I have been purchasing foodstuffs recently. Yes, that's right -- I got paid on Friday. Fucking finally. I'm hoping I can stop the bleeding and maybe by this time next month, I can start digging myself out of this hole. I've yet to receive the check reimbursing me for the overdraft fees I racked up because of all the fuck ups. Of course, I racked up probably the same amount waiting for the first damn check (it's been more than a month since I submitted my documentation and two-plus weeks since they said they'd be mailing me a check), but I just want to stop losing money at this point. Still, I'll be sending an e-mail on Monday to get a status update and I will mention the fees I've received in the meantime.

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