14 September 2009

Clever girl.

Friday at work, I scheduled an interview for a project for 7:00 tonight. I was annoyed, partly because I was 90 percent certain the subject would not follow through, but also because I would seriously have to adjust my workout schedule or not work out at all.

However, I had a stroke of genius yesterday. The building -- it has a fitness center! I wouldn't have to leave work and go to the gym and back to work, likely fighting traffic both ways. I wouldn't have to work for 11 or more hours straight, nor would I have to work out late.

I just had to do cardio, and there was a decent treadmill down there and an elliptical. I hated the elliptical, but it kicked my ass. So that's good. I had the room all to myself, save for when the security guard popped in to lock up. That made me feel better. When I was changing, I was more than a little weirded out because, sure it says "women's locker rooms," but there's no guarantee that some dude wouldn't walk in while I'm changing or something. That part I didn't much care for at all.

Good thing I worked out, because then I wasn't pissed when that woman didn't answer her damn phone at 7:00 like she was supposed to do. And I knew that was going to happen. You know what? Just fucking say no. Don't make me stay really late at work and not show the fuck up. Of course, I scheduled another interview for 8:00, so I didn't get home until 9:00 Wheeeeeeeeeee.

At least I got to work out. And I can stay up and watch football tonight, go in late tomorrow and still leave early on Friday, too. Yay!

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