26 August 2009

Wishing on Wednesday.

I wish old women wearing too much, too-dark lipstick, chatting with child-molester mustachioed, jeans-and-Cowboys-hat-wearing dudes at the gym would stop talking and get to lifting so I can use that machine.

I wish yoga would start back up again, already.

I wish I knew what the fuck this meant:

(Sorry for the quality. I was in my car, after all.)

Dudes. I wish you could try this salad I just made. It is phenomenal. Using bacon from the farm, CSA tomatoes, homemade bread and mint from my mom's garden probably didn't hurt. I halved the recipe and you'd better believe I'm going to eat the whole damn thing, or die trying.

I wish it was Friday.

I wish Emily a ridiculous amount of success with her new job.

I wish I was absolutely certain that today is actually Wednesday.


Little Ms Blogger said...

I love this type of salad and I love your tagline of hot bacon emotions...

You would know the answer to this question why is it so hard to find supermarkets that sell slabs of bacon?

Stephanie said...

I've neglected Bacon Wednesday for the past couple weeks, so I understand your confusion.

Also, WHERE is yoga?

Jess said...

I always use the "hot bacon emotions" tag line when writing about bacon. Someone found my blog once upon a time using that as a search term.

My guess as to why it is difficult to find slab of bacon at a supermarket is because there likely isn't much demand for it. You're going to have to go to an honest-to-goodness butcher shop/meat market to get that.

I couldn't remember whether or not I told you about what I found out last Thursday after I saw you, Stephanie. They never did cancel class that night, but it turns out, the new instructor isn't starting until next Wednesday, the 2nd. I'll believe that when I see it, however.

I hope it's true, because I'm desperate for yoga. I tried to go Tuesday and called to see if Jen was teaching or there would be a sub and they said, "Oh no, Jen is teaching." But when I went to go to class that goddamn smelly hippy woman was there. I turned around and walked out. I've about fucking had it with Bally. Too bad I don't have any money to be switching gyms.

Bill From Gainesville said...

sexy asian farmhouses? Dont know about that but if you can get SEVENTY percent off how could you pass that up?

Jess said...

In this economy you simply cannot pass up a deal like that.