02 August 2009

That's just sad.

Friday, when I sat down in the chair to get my hair done, The Stylist and I chatted for a bit about what we were going to do and she started running a pik through my hair, as she usually does before she colors it. Then, she handed me the pik and said I could finish while she went to mix up my color.

I took the pik and started to get the snarls and tangles out and ... I kinda forgot how to do it. I couldn't get the angle right. It just felt horribly awkward.

Holy shit. I forgot how to comb my damn hair. How does that happen? I mean, aside from some sort of brain damage that leaves you needing to relearn how to walk and feed yourself.

In my defense, I can't remember the last time I took any sort of combing implement to my hair. The last time I regularly used a comb on my hair was at least five years ago, probably longer. See, I figured out I get better curl formation when using just my fingers to detangle my hair in the shower. Too much touching and fucking with your hair destroys your curls.

For years before I went combless, the only time I ever used a (big, fat-toothed) comb on my hair was in the shower, when my hair was nicely coated with conditioner. The only time a comb or pik touches my hair is when I'm sitting in a stylist's chair. My friends know not to bother asking for a brush when they're at my place.

So, maybe it's not that sad. Well, yes it is. But at least I have an explanation?

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