12 August 2009

Since you asked ...

In the course of my completely legitimate research today, I came across a pelvic floor exerciser for men. So, here you are Brian: the pelvic floor exerciser with biofeed back with anal sensor.

No need to thank me.

Tonight is a rare night off from working out for me. Given my financial upheaval, my gym dues haven't been paid and I probably won't pay them until this weekend. This means no yoga tonight or tomorrow, which blows, because the new yoga instructor started tonight. It was too fucking hot to walk around the lake, so that was a no-go as a back-up option. After 10 miles in two days, though, my knees are fucking killing me anyway.

Despite the fact that I'm trying to slow down on the weight loss, it's still so fucking hard for me to not be working out tonight. The pay fuck-up pushed back my ability to afford new clothes at least another paycheck and my brilliant plan of drying my dress pants in the dryer to make them not-so-big worked exactly once. Once my Aunt Flo-related bloating went away, my pants reached pajama-like status by, oh, 10 in the morning or so? I don't dare wear them again this week.

In the meantime, I guess I'll be wearing mostly skirts. However, I do have a gift card I can use to possibly buy pants that actually fit me. Exciting! Yesterday (?), I returned the dress I bought to wear to my summer weddings, because after washing it once and wearing it twice, it was falling apart. Fucking. Bullshit. While it would have been nice to get the cash back, properly-fitting pants might be more important.

Because I was not working out tonight, I needed to fill my time. I ran some errands after work and now I'm cooking. I mixed up my Artisan Bread and it's currently rising on the stove so I can bake it this weekend. There are also about five pounds of carrots in my fridge, so I'm making carrot bars, too. They're fairly healthy, though. But I'm making cream cheese frosting to drizzle over them. The frosting will use reduced fat cream cheese and skim milk, but dammit, I'm trying.

Having all this non-gym time is making this week seem so much worse. Even though I'm getting about 90 minutes of cardio in with the walk around the lake, I'm home so much earlier and I have all this time to sit around the house and it just feels wrong. I need to be busy. God, I hate that so much. Thankfully, though, I do have booze.

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Brian in Mpls said...

Thanks I am on my way to order:)

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