08 August 2009

Reducing my carbon footprint.

Metro Transit has added a nifty little feature to their trip planner that I discovered yesterday. When you plan your trip online, there's a little note under your trip time and fare information that tells you how much your carbon footprint would be if you took that trip driving alone, and how much you'll use taking public transportation. I cut my carbon footprint in half with a single trip.

I'm busing this weekend to my friends' wedding festivities. I really wish I could stay home. Pretty much the last thing I want to do is to put on a dress and an ill-fitting strapless bra and head out into the heat and humidity to sit through fucking Mass. And that's only the start of a very long day ... reception, dinner, dance, trying to get back home on the bus ... all with the threat of thunderstorms all day and night. Wheeeeeeeeee!

However, I am glad that my driving for the weekend is likely done. Also, I don't believe I have to go through Uptown on foot or the bus, either the rest of the weekend. Trying to get home from Dinkytown last night was a fucking nightmare. The bus was 15 minutes late and once we got close to the heart of Hennepin and Lake, we slowed to a crawl. I ended up getting out and walking about a mile home in three-inch heels. Delightful! The trip took me well more than an hour.

Stupid fucking Art Fair. God, I hate it so much. At least I went to the gym early enough this morning to miss out on a lot of the stupid assholes driving through Uptown. Lucky me, there's an art fair in Loring Park, too, so I'm sure getting to the Basilica for the wedding is going to be a grand time, as well.

Bah. I'm going to try to get home as early as I can tonight. Here's to slipping out unnoticed and returning to the loving embrace of my couch.

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Little Ms Blogger said...

Personally, I love that you used these 2 words together in your post "fucking Mass".