24 August 2009

The most ridiculous thing I've read today.

Let's be clear, here -- I read a lot of ridiculous stuff. But this is not about the PelvicToner or the pelvic floor exerciser with anal biofeedback probe or even Fantasy Sports Insurance (I love that they used the picture of Tom Brady getting his knee ripped apart), because I technically discovered that yesterday.

No, the most ridiculous thing I've read today is the following comment on this story:

Worthless trinkets? What are you looking at? There are TONS of things that are quite amazing. There are shows going on ALL THE TIME! The street performers are funny and enchanting. The show has become so much more kid friendly, and 100 times more romantic for a date than "all the milk you can drink for a dollar".

posted by ahzmandius on Aug. 24, 09 at 11:24 AM

Okay, I'm not entirely sure I can disagree with the "100 times more romantic" part of the statement. However, I don't see all-you-can-drink milk at the State Fair as being more than say, a zero on the "romantic date" meter. So, you're looking at the Ren Fest being not-at-all romantic at best.

Granted, I've been to the Ren Fest maybe twice, but I can tell you that it is not romantic. And I have an incredibly non-traditional definition of what is and isn't romantic. Unless, of course, one considers a date spent making fun of all the Ren Fest dorks to be "romantic." Mildly enjoyable, sure, but I'd rather be sitting in The Boy I Currently Like's living room, drinking cheap wine and mocking the assholes on It's Me or the Dog or discussing the awesome hair and attire of the 70s-era families on Family Feud.

P.S.: Dear State Fair food vendors, I love hot dogs, french fries and deep-fried foods, but "a deep-fried hot dog encrusted with french fries" is not how I want to consume those things.


Bill From Gainesville said...

I like Milk and all the milk you can drink for a dollar would certainly fire me up, but even though I am basically pro milk as a beverage, I have never associated it with romance either

Jess said...

I am NOT knocking milk. I love milk. I cannot eat Oreos without milk.

But yeah, neither milk nor the Ren Fest make me tingly in my lady parts.