30 August 2009

I've kept you waiting long enough.

You've been dying to know what I decided to do about my foundation, haven't you? God, it was like, more than three weeks ago. So terribly sorry.

In my defense, however, you need to take a little time to see how things work before you can pass judgment -- especially when you're talking about anything skin care-related. Also, my sense of time has become fairly fucked up over the summer.

I ended up going with Pur Minerals. There were a couple of reasons for this. First: the foundation was two-for-one, which made it cheaper than Bare Minerals, which I had been using, and Sephora's brand. Second: Ulta is quite good about returns. And I'm quite glad for that, because I had to exchange my first shade the day after I bought it.

Now, the Pur Minerals was just two-for-one this time. When/if I purchase more, it will be essentially the same price as the Bare Minerals I'd been using for a couple of years. So, it isn't really cheaper. However, Ulta often has a 20 percent off everything coupon and I have never once seen Bare Minerals be on sale at all, much less buy-one-get one.

As of right now, however, I'm on the Pur Minerals train. Even if it isn't technically cheaper, I feel it is better. I was worried a tad, because Pur Minerals has shea butter. I imagine that is what keeps it solid in the compact. I have ridiculously oily skin that is also horribly acne prone, so shea butter is a huge red flag for me. My worries seem to be all for naught, though.

Pur Minerals covers better than Bare Minerals. It stays on longer, as well. This is very good for me, especially now that my allergies are going crazy and I am blowing my nose all the damn time (and especially because I can't afford to get all my allergy med prescriptions). Pur Minerals doesn't cake up and dry out my skin like Bare Minerals did, either (the shea butter is at work here ... dry, oily skin is a delight, let me tell you). My pores don't look like giant craters and it doesn't fill into the wee wrinkles under my eyes that I've had for years from wearing contacts (there's much squinting).

It took a bit of time for me to figure out whether it would work or not. I'd changed my face wash, which made my skin go crazy for a bit. There was (and is) all the stress I've been under fucking with my face and I'm hormonal. But the last couple of days, my face has looked really quite excellent. So, Pur Minerals it is. Yay!

I may not have any money and work might be kicking my ass, but at least I look good.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Okay, this post made me laugh....You announced the new foundation like the Oscar nominations.

Jess said...

In my defense, I do think makeup is pretty damn exciting.

I flirted with the idea of a drunken makeover this weekend, but I was more interested in getting drunk and laying on the couch than, you know, doing stuff while drunk.