06 August 2009

If this is the worst of my problems ...

Deciding whether or not to buy a different brand of foundation is not the worst of my problems right now. However, it gives me something on which to focus (okay, obsess over), that isn't so awful and depressing. Yet, I'm treating it as a HUGE DEAL. Because I am a freak.

Earlier this week, when I actually had a moment to breathe at work, I came across this nugget of awesomeness at the Strib: Go generic at the makeup counter too. I've been becoming more and more adventurous with store brands. I'm using Target brand body moisturizer and shower gel on the regular. I've tried their version of Cetaphil and the I'm also using their version of Cetaphil's moisturizer at night. It's all been just fine.

So, here I am, needing to buy some new foundation. I've been using Bare Minerals for a year? Two? Possibly even more than two years. I really can't remember. It works fine. It works as well as anything else I've tried over the years -- MAC, Clinique, Almay ...

The article mentioned Sephora's Mattifying Compact Foundation. It's $5 cheaper and based on the reviews, seems to be fairly similar to MAC's Studio Fix. I've used that and it worked just fine for me. I moved on to Studio Tech, because it covered better. Or something. I really can't remember. I think I even used the Moistureblend, despite my super oily skin. Mostly, I just needed to blot a bit more often with that.

After reading several pages of reviews, I figured I could give the Sephora powder foundation a shot. Oh, but wait! Ulta sent me a catalog -- they have a buy-one-get-one offer on Pur Minerals. It is a bit more difficult to find reviews on that, but I did stumble upon a site devoted entirely to reviewing mineral makeup. Of course there would be such a thing on the Interwebs.

So, again, it seems like Pur Minerals would be just as good as Bare Minerals and the Sephora foundation. Shit. I could even go back to MAC for essentially the same amount of money. Why does this have to be so difficult? Sephora seems to be the best bet for getting a color match to my notoriously hard-to-match skin tone. Pur Minerals would be cheapest in the long run. Maybe I should check the return policies for each place and let that be my guide.

What say you, dear readers? Reviews are tough for me, as I have really very oily skin and I need pretty good coverage for my god-awful skin. It's helpful, though, that some of the reviewers can compare to brands I've used before. I know I'm never going to find THE MIRACLE FOUNDATION that so many people seem to find in Bare Minerals or whatever other brand. I just want to not scare people. Is that so much to ask?


Stephanie said...

I LOVE the Revlon Colorstay Minerals foundation. Good coverage that you can build, plus it's a powder so it doesn't produce an oil slick. I still blot a bit throughout the day, but feh.

I do not like the packaging, so I actually hack the little jar open and pour it all into a little salad dressing-sized Tupperware. I also use a kabuki brush I got in the Target cosmetics section instead of the one it comes with, which is nice but better suited to blush, so I do still keep it around.

Oh, and Walgreen's lets you return cosmetics. I returned some red lipstick that dried very dark and vampiric, rather than cherry red and just vampish. They didn't care that I'd tried it out. Just bring back all the original packaging.

Voila! Also, my friend uses Pur Minerals and likes it a lot.

Jess said...

Yeah, I'm never going to find something that will control oil enough for my face, no matter how awesome the product in question is purported to be in the mattifying/oil absorbing department.

I'm leaning toward Pur Minerals at the moment, because it will be the cheapest if I get two for the same price as Bare Minerals. Plus, Ulta is good about returns. So, if I hate it, I can return it and try the Sephora.

Of course, given my capricious nature, I'll probably change my mind 10 times between now and either after work or tomorrow morning.