18 August 2009

I hope to Christ you didn't pay for that.

What is it with these younger, female trainers at Bally? They fucking love them some fake hair. And not just any fake hair -- really, really bad fake hair.

The Trainer who looks like a monchichi has had many a weave/wig/extension while she's been the Bally. Quite honestly, I thought her shit was the worst I'd ever seen. Oh, how wrong I was. The trainer who originally set me up for my free training session went out and got herself some sort of horse-hair monstrosity.

It's a damn shame, because she had cute hair. It was about chin length and thick. Some days it was curly, others straight. Still others she wore it somewhere in between.

But tonight, her hair was suddenly halfway down her back. And thin and stringy, with a bump right at the base of her skull. It looked ridiculous. I had to work so hard not to laugh out loud at her. It was tough not to stare, too. I wanted to ask if she'd lost a bet. Because I could not imagine why she'd be wearing whatever that thing was. It was so. bad. I don't know how you look at yourself in the mirror and think, "Damn! I look good."


Ventilator said...

Um, okay. It's great to hear the hair extensions look like crap because I'm suffering from my version of an inch versus my hair dresser's version of inch not matching. She cut it one inch below my ears, like I asked. But I guess I meant three inches. Dunno.

Anyways, was contemplating getting extensions. After your post, I'm rethinking.

Glad you didn't laugh out loud, tho. :)

Jess said...

I'd hook you up with my stylist if you didn't live so far away. She refuses to take more than a couple of inches off my hair at a time. Saves me from making rash decisions.

You should go ahead and get extensions if you want. Can you see prior work? Because I would imagine if you saw they did good work, it would be okay.

Seriously -- I cannot accurately describe how cheap and shitty this wig/weave/nylon doll hair looked. God, it was awful.