17 July 2009

Now that's what I call a mascot.

As seen at the Aquatennial Block Party, before the Gin Blossoms went on. Yeah, that's right -- the Gin Blossoms.

It's a pee cup and a syringe. Awesome! The Pee Cup saw me take a picture of it and then came over and touched me.


Mrs Marcos said...

I work for said company with freakish mascots. They have names, Petey P. Cup and Pokey the Syringe! There is also a giant tooth named Pearl E. White. You can buy plush beanie babies of the mascots. Would you like a dozen? What could be more comforting and snuggle worthy than a plush syringe?

Little Ms Blogger said...

OMG! A mascot for a drug testing company and at a concert.

Typically condoms are handed (okay thrown at you) and sometimes I've seen a below 35 table = condoms and above 35 table = pamphlets on Viagra + condoms.

Jess said...

I knew they had to have names. Thank you, Mrs. Marcos, for coming through with them. Alas, Pearl E. White wasn't there.

Also, I would totally snuggle up with a plush urine sample or syringe. But you're just asking for trouble if you take the tooth to bed. I wouldn't trust the Tooth Fairy to not abscond with it.

Rebel Mel said...

Oh my god! I wish I had the syringe beanie babe!

Jason DeRusha said...

They even have their own website: PeteyAndPokey.com

Jess said...

Well, of course they do. I could take objection with Petey being called a pee cup, because once filled with pee, isn't he really a urine sample? Shouldn't he be called Ulysses S. Urine Sample or something? However, naming the syringe something that makes me think of The Simpsons ("I call the big one Bitey.") is pure genius.

I've never been more proud of my health insurance company.

Mrs Marcos said...

I have to say, Petey's facebook fan page is pretty hilarious (and no, I don't work in marketing).


Also, there is a new one just coming out, 'Reege' (as in 'Regions' Hospital...yeah, I don't get it either).

Personally, I'm hoping there will be a mascot cage match someday because I can't think of anything funnier than seeing a specimen cup and syringe throw down.

Jess said...

I would pay $4 to see a mascot cage match throwdown.

Did Petey and Pokey play in the Twins mascot game before the All-Star break? Shit, if that ... lung or liver got to play, they should get to play.