16 July 2009

It's not that cold, for Christ's sake.

Look, I know it's not where we're used to, temperature-wise, for July. But it's 8:00ish and it's still around 65 -- you don't need your fucking leather jacket. Or your big-ass boots. If it was March you'd be wearing shorts and tank tops.

And hey -- it's gonna be good sleeping weather (that's right, Mary Lucia, I said it and I mean it).


Emily said...

Oh, I know! I love the extreme dressing when we have a slight temperature change. Don't get me wrong, I am totally beyond annoyed at this weather but yeah, leave the winter clothes out for just a few more months please.

Emily said...

I too, wish people would shut the fuck up about the weather. If it was 90, people would be complaining about that too. What exactly is the temperature people are looking for here?