26 July 2009

"I'm not only computer illiterate; I'm inept, too."

Tomorrow, my parents leave for Ireland. I was anticipating my mom's call today -- I'm hitting the farm Friday afternoon after I get my hair did in Mankato. She's got a pantload of instructions for me. Of course, she gave them to me in person when I was home last. Then she gave them to me again on a phone call. There were a couple of e-mails, too. And there would be a note for me on the kitchen table detailing everything she's told me already.

So, it would stand to reason that mom would need to call and go over the note with me on the phone today. I warned The Boy I Currently Like last night that she would be calling. Color me shocked that she hadn't already called 10 times by the time we got up just before 2:00. She hadn't even called once!

When she and dad finally called after I got home from The Boy's, they mentioned they were going to try to change their seats on their flight(s) tomorrow and were going to try to check-in online for at least their first flight. And they would probably need help.

My parents (like many of yours, I'm sure) are not exactly computer whizzes. For whatever reason, when they have a problem of any sort with their computer, they call me. Despite the fact that I'm not a tech guy (or girl, but I do date a Tech Guy, so maybe I learn shit through osmosis?), I can often solve their problems. Yay me, and such.

I wasn't surprised when dad called just a bit ago because he couldn't find their flight. Um, that's a bit of a problem. Dad's actually worse than mom when it comes to the Interwebs and computer-related things. She figured out long ago how to e-mail (and my siblings and I rue the day). It took her a while to get the whole address book, replying, sending to multiple recipients and forwarding down. But, yay for us, she can do all those things now. I've managed to keep her off Facebook for the time being, but I don't know how long that will last.

Dad, however, can barely type. The title of this post is a direct quote from him. I did find their flight and was trying to walk him through the check-in process. His other quotes include, "I have a long name. It takes me a while to type it." Alas, I was unable to solve his problem. I fear they are lacking some necessary information for the online check-in. I hate feeling useless. I'm used to it, though. Anyway, their travel agent will apparently take care of things for them tomorrow.

I tried.

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