20 July 2009

I read things, comment on them and share them with you.

Well, that was awfully descriptive for a title, wasn't it?

Between tearing my hair out over trying to write an overview of an industry I know nothing about and being stood up for yet another interview, I took a little sanity break to read some Jezebel. I need all the sanity breaks I can get at the moment, as my tension headaches are back in full force -- so bad that I was nearly in tears at the gym tonight (new yoga instructor on the way, though; possibly as early as Monday!).

All that is neither here nor there. My love of tangents and parenthetical statements can never be satisfied, though (The Boy I Currently Like is fascinated by them and is always threatening to diagram my thoughts/e-mails. Yet he never follows through. TEASE!).

Anyway, I read this lovely piece about the horrible, horrible problems white people have. Maybe "white people" isn't the right term, as I'm as white as they come and I have never had problems like this. It's a First World problem; a problem of the upper middle class, maybe.

Fancy dinners and vacations have never been a part of my life. So, I guess I don't really know what it's like to have that and then have it all slip away from you. I do know, however, that The Boy and I have done nothing but have nights in at one of our apartments the entire time we've known each other. And you know what? There's not much I would rather do than drink cheap wine, watch the Twins and play video games with him. God, how awful having dinner at home and spending time with someone you like would be after jetting off to fabulous locales and eating dinner in fancy shmancy restaurants.

Seriously. I have no sympathy for these people. There are couples and families losing homes and jobs and going into bankruptcy because of this recession and you're bitching about your relationship going in the toilet because you couldn't go to some five-star restaurant for your anniversary dinner? Cry me a motherfucking river.

The other thing I "read" is much more upbeat. KayGee sent me the link because it made her think of me. This is because when we're together and drunk, yoga invariably comes up and we start showing each other poses and all of a sudden, you have Drunk Yoga.

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