14 June 2009

More whoring for free stuff.

Okay, so that title is a bit misleading. I'm not whoring to get anything free. I got some free stuff that's an extension of that fateful blog post I wrote the day the mailman delivered the Bacon Salt I'd ordered.

It turns out that the Bacon Salt empire is expanding at an impressive clip. They've teamed up with the folks at Bigs to produce Bacon Salt-flavored sunflower seeds. I'm sorry. The flavor is actually called "Sizzlin' Bacon."

So, in the course of exchanging e-mails with Justin and Erin, the marketing manager for Bigs, I found out that there are other flavors of sunflower seeds -- including dill pickle. WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED? They've got to be good, right? I mean, I loves me some dill pickle potato chips. I made a note to check out these other flavors of sunflower seeds.

I'd kind of forgotten that I was expecting a package, so when I got home on Friday and saw the box on the stoop, it was a delightful surprise. But the surprises didn't end there -- I didn't just get a bag or two of the Bacon Salt sunflower seeds. Oh no. There were SIX bags of sunflower seeds in the box -- two Bacon Salt and one each of the other flavors: dill pickle (YAY!), zesty ranch, plain (salted and roasted, actually) and buffalo wing. Needless to say, I am intrigued.

The Sizzlin' Bacon flavor is delightful. I thought I'd just have a few, to try them out. However, I quickly became addicted. Fortunately, I'm somewhat inept at eating sunflower seeds in the shell, so I was forced to give up. Plus, all the salt will destroy the inside of my mouth if I eat too many. My restraint is admirable. I dove into them again last night for a bit. I was sitting on the deck, reading comics, drinking wine and eating sunflower seeds. Since I was outside, I didn't really have to worry about the shells. It was awesome.

I've not yet tried the other flavors. I toyed with the idea of opening each package and trying them all, but I don't want them to go rancid (probably not as much of a problem for nuts that have been processed and are still in the shell ... still) and my freezer is fairly packed full. Honestly, I don't see how they can't be good. Well, maybe not the ranch. That's just a personal taste thing, though.

Erin sent along some marketing-type stuff, including a press release. Ah, it feels good to be back on the receiving end of those. Also, since I'm no longer a journalist and needn't maintain the appearance of objectivity, I can totally accept a box of free sunflower seeds. I have tried to keep the cursing to a minimum in this blog post. Something about the officialness of the accompanying press materials has me in a mind to stay in line. And yet, I use the word "whoring" in the title of the post. I'm a complicated woman, y'all.

Anyway, the sunflower seeds, they are good. I'm going to break down and try the dill pickle ones sooner rather than later. My mouth is already watering.


Stephanie said...

That is so awesome. I feel strongly that as the author of "Bacon Wednesday" I am a key influencer in this area. For the sake of their reputation, they really ought to send me a box of bacon-flavored goodies yesterday. Mmm.

Let me know how the dill pickle ones are...that's such a good chip flavor I feel like it would work well on any crunchy snack item.

Jess said...

Yeah, dill pickle is brilliant. It's tart and salty and ... again with the drool.

Since I can't possibly eat all of these sunflower seeds by myself in any reasonable amount of time, maybe I should bring the other bag to yogilates for you.

Yeah, that sounds like an excellent idea.

Stephanie said...

I love fitness!

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I cannot wait to hear how the dill pickle ones are. I have been thinking about those for quite some time.

Jess said...

Bacon (and booze and cheese and potatoes) is why I go to the gym.

Shit, I'm going to have to try the dill pickle flavor post-haste. I'd try them now, but I have a prosciutto pizza in the oven at the moment that I will be topping with my CSA arugula.

So, tomorrow. Or shortly thereafter. I promise!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I'm so happy to know these exist.

No, that's not a tear in my eye...okay, yes it is.

Jess said...

You go on ahead and cry if you're happy, Daddy Geek Boy. There's no judgment here.

Well, except when I'm judging people.