10 June 2009

Is there something I don't know about St. Louis Park?

Did the city of St. Louis Park pass an ordinance making it legal to openly drink while walking down the street?

Tonight, while driving through the roundabout at Excelsior & Grand (that's the name of the development, right? Jesus, I'm through there almost every day. You'd think it would stick with me after all this time), I saw a guy walking down the street carrying what looked to be a beer bottle. Coors Light, to be precise. This is the second time this week, driving through the same area, I've seen people walking down the street carrying beer bottles (looked like Leinie's Summer ... something on Monday or Tuesday).

Is the SLP angling to be the loose liquor law capital of the metro? They had the 9:00 and now 9:30 liquor store closing time awfully early. Someone should be reporting on this. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW. Especially when you have puritanical places like Edina, where you can't have more than one giant margarita at some shitty mall restaurant after your eight-hour shift working a 13-hour sale at Dayton's, because of their uber-restrictive liquor laws. Jesus. As if working retail wasn't bad enough.

Seeing all the people drinking outside made me think perhaps I should put out a call to see if anyone wants to come over and drink on the deck with me on Friday. My original plan was to go to the gym straight from work. However, there have been signs around the Hennepin and Lake area about a bike race and road closings, and now today, there are "No parking this block" signs fucking everywhere. Wait! The Interwebs might be able to tell me more. "Some blocks around 31st and Hennepin will be closed from 5 to 11 p.m. Friday night. Two lanes of Lake Street will remain open to cars."

Um, yeah. No gym Friday night. One of these days, I'll figure out an alternate route to the gym that doesn't involve going miles out of my way. Probably no one will want to come over and drink with me, even though I have all that beer leftover from the beer tasting party. But that doesn't mean I can't drink on the deck by myself. Plus, then I won't have to tidy up 'round here. Oh, how I love silver linings.


Becca said...

If I were living in Minne right now, I would come and drink on your deck with you. Free beer, um I'm there and you wouldn't even have to clean up. Unless it is still going to be a balmy 57 degrees. Then I turn into a big pussy, and want approx 57 layers of clothing.

Jess said...

No, it's warming up again -- 70-75ish today and tomorrow. Perfectly lovely deck weather.

I won't be disappointed if no one can make it (and so far no one can). I'd be happy to transfer some of my seedling herbs to bigger pots and call it a night. After a few drinks, of course.

Buzzed gardening isn't a bad thing, right?

jane said...

There is an uptick of "Eh, what're they gonna do?" in SLP, not just related to booze. I see people going 40 past the police station, watering lawns in the forbidden hours between noon-6:00, and dogs running free through non-dog parks. SLP is really falling apart at the seams.

Matthew said...

The only thing I can think of that would make it legal is if streets within that development are privately owned by whoever owns/manages the buildings. Therefore, it's on private property, so...

Or it's just people who don't give a rat's ass and want to wander with their drinks.