01 June 2009

I don't think I really thought this through.

At some point tonight, while hanging out in Downward Facing Dog, a thought occurred to me. I'm changing. When I got home from work, I was all stoked to see my first issue of Eating Well magazine waiting in my mailbox. And yesterday, I was perusing my second issue of Yoga Journal while The Boy I Currently Like made us breakfast.

I've not had a single magazine subscription in years. I canceled my subscription to Spin in a fit of rage when I read an interview conducted entirely in text-speak. But for some reason, I decided to subscribe to Eating Well and Yoga Journal because I got both for like $20 or something. It probably ends up being about a buck an issue.

Obviously, I enjoy yoga. That explains Yoga Journal. As for Eating Well, I'm trying to eat better, but I don't always want to rely on store-bought veggie burgers and light yogurt and other processed foods. I like to cook, but I want it to be healthy. Makes sense, yes? Also, Yoga Journal has had some pretty kick-ass recipes, too. Bonus!

So what is the big deal, you ask? I think this means I'm turning into a Grup/Yipster/Yindie/Alterna-Yuppie. FUCK. At least I don't have kids. Or money. That'll be helpful in keepin' it real.



Stephanie said...

Douche. See if I talk to you in yogilates ever again...

Jess said...

I didn't mean to do it!

Also, I totally thought of you when Renee came over to help me into an extra-deep hip stretch in Baddha Konasana.

Shit. I totally am a douche.

Stephanie said...

Namaste, assclown.

Seriously though I like yoga. And if I'm not just in it for the excuse to buy comfy stretch pants, I'm exempt from douchery, right? Same applies to you if you say yes.

Jess said...

Goodness, I should think so.

Then again, I don't exactly get the concept of buying clothes in which to work out, anyway. I have four pairs of capri-length workout pants that I bought. Pretty much everthing else I wear to the gym was retired from normal wear to gym attire for some reason or another.

Becca said...

I recently started a subscription to Cook Light, for the exact same reasons. We'll have to take notes and see which mag is better.

Garwood B. Jones said...

Douche is such an overused word that we can't have it extending to yoga afficionados and healthy eaters. Douche needs to stay relevant for a certain element well represented at hotchickswithdouchebags.com. Serioously, if there's anyone who is a douche around here it's me.

You appear to be some sort of yuppie/grunyon hybrid. You can choose your portmanteau:

Yupyon? Grunyup? Grunpie?

The possibilities are endless!

Jess said...

Wait, are you saying if I spend some time browsing hotchickswithdouchebags.com, I might be treated to a picture of you surrounded by hot chicks? With the requisite spiked hair, popped collar and hemp/puka shell necklace? Or maybe a vest sans shirt undeneath? Wife beater?

Because that would be awesome. You'd better not be toying with me, Garwood.

I like "Yupyon," because it sounds like some sort of unholy marriage between a yappy dog and Funyons, which I think really conveys just how fucking annoying I can be.

Becca, when you say "better," you mean "more pretentious," right? We can have a douche-off!

Becca said...

Duh of course! Right now I think you might be winning the douche off, with the organic vegetables delivered to your house! Although I guess to admit I'm thinking about looking into someone to organically take care of my lawn puts us back on a level playing field!

Jess said...

Maybe you're ahead of me, because they're not being delivered to my house. In fact, we have to pick them up. But one person from the office is picking everything up and bringing it here and then we'll all split our stuff up and take it home.