03 May 2009

Wrapped meats, soft pretzels and beer, oh my!

The beer-tasting party was a success. I think. I hope. The neighbors were shutting their windows at 10:00 while we were all out on the deck, so that's a good sign. Right? I mean, not such a rockin' party that the cops were called, but still ...

At one point in the afternoon yesterday, I was realizing that not a single one of my oldest? closest? core group? of friends had RSVPed yes. Or even bothered to RSVP at all for that matter. I was fairly disappointed. Macho Man did show up, but we've only been friends for a couple of years.

But you know what? New friends fucking RULE. Sarah and Diana were a blast as always, as were their husbands. And I'm delighted that I can now say I know Emily and Stephanie. And their boyfriends. (Two of The Brutes rounded out the guest list.) You know how people say it's so hard to make friends once you're out of college? It's true. However, the magic of the interwebs can really change that.

I feel like I was a bit of a shitty hostess. I'm bad at mingling; be it at my own parties or at events hosted by others. Seemed like everyone got along splendidly, though.

Oh, and we had many really great beers last night.


Stephanie said...

Mmm, brats and bacon. And your friends are hilarious. Thanks so much for having us!

Jess said...

I thank the Baby Jebus every day that I have hilarious (and awesome) friends.

Is it sad that the one big thing I might take away from last night is the story about the trucker honking for Bernard?

Stephanie said...

No, no, no. Not sad. That's probably the best road trip story ever!

Basically, any sentence you begin with "Is it sad that..." I will affirm as being awesome. Taking the guilt out of guilty pleasures, that's me.

Jess said...

You, madame, are a humanitarian of the highest order.

Emily said...

Hooray for new friends! Don't ever doubt your hosting abilities when you provide bacon-wrapped brats.

Jess said...

I freely admit that I will bribe people with pork products and baked goods to get them to like me.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Glad to hear the party went well.

I've come to accept that people suck at RSVPing. However, it was really annoying when I had to track people last fall on my wedding invite.

I'm a fairly laid back person, but seriously, you can't RSVP to a wedding???

My gf gets so annoyed by people that don't RSVP, she gives them 3 chances and stops inviting them to her parties (this includes the people that just show up)