07 May 2009

Things, life, whatnot.

While I was at the gym tonight, I decided I was going to do some deck blogging when I got home. However, the Twins tied up the game while I was walking from my car to my apartment and so, I have to watch the game.

Of course, my cable box had decided to reset itself now twice. It even managed to do something to my Wii. What the fuck? Perhaps my Wii was fucking shit up? The disc slot is now glowing blue, so there's a software update and that just came on after the second reset. At least The Boy I Currently Like is recording The Office and 30 Rock and he will save them for me.

Back to things, life and whatnot. Yogi McJudgerson struck again yesterday. I was talking to our instructor before class about the weather; it was raining so we couldn't go outside. And I said something about seeing that it was indeed raining when I came down from upstairs. Yogi McJudgerson must have been listening, because as we were setting up our mats, she was all, "You were doing cardio before this? (Yes.) How often do you work out? (Uhhhhhh ... As much as possible? Today was day six in a row.) Then when do you see your boyfriend? Like, once a week? (He is not my boyfriend, but something like that, yes.) And blah, blah, blah.

Fucking whatever. First of all, they have these things called weekends, which give you time to work out and do fun things without having to squeeze them in around your stupid job. Also, while I often eschew school night activities to go to the gym, I have zero problems skipping a work out to hang out with The Boy (besides, I still do get a work out those nights *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*).

And you know what? I would say I'm happy with the balance at this point, especially when he tells me I look good naked and notices my ever-increasing flexibility. Granted, he thinks I look good naked because he gets to touch my boobies and whatnot, but still. He notices the changes in my body and it's fucking nice to hear. So fucking sue me.

I wish I knew how to say these things to people without coming off as a raving lunatic bitch. Alas, I just struggle along, trying to be polite and let y'all read the things I really wanted to say. Aren't y'all lucky?

Gym whatnot: There is another locker-shutter at the gym! I don't know why such little things bother me, but Jesus H. Christ, is it that fucking difficult to shut your locker after you remove your things? Anyway, this girl was shutting lockers as we left the locker room tonight and I was all "I do that, too!" We had a little bonding moment and it was awesome.

There was some shit on CNN that I think I wanted to write about, but I'm forgetting what it is. Some nonsense Lou Dobbs was spouting, no doubt.

Sports whatnot: Brett Favre is apparently going to stay retired. For now. As I said a last year, I'll believe it when the season starts and he's not in uniform. He's such a fucking attention whore. He's like the faux lesbian girls at the bar who make out with each other for attention and then get all offended when dudes look at them or hit on them.

In other sports news, I still don't have my fucking fantasy football money. Stoner Commish and the rest of the douchebags in my league can fuck the hell off. I hate them so much.

Finally, I have an admission to make. This season, I've actually been watching snippets of Survivor at the gym. Why? Because Taj from SWV is on it this season. I kept seeing her out of the corner of my eye, and I was saying, "Damn, that looks like Taj from SWV." Turns out it was her. Taj was my favorite of the Sisters With Voices, even though stupid Coko and her nasty fingernails hogged the spotlight. And SWV were one of my favorite '90s girl R&B groups (others include Jade, Xscape and Brownstone).

Anyway, Taj is married to former NFL running back Eddie George, and he visited her tonight and was all rubbing her dirty feet and kissing her hand and I thought it was so sweet. Which is odd, because I usually think shit like that is lame as hell. But whatever. It made me want to come home and listen to SWV, so I thought I would share a very appropriate song with y'all: "Weak."


Anonymous said...

Giggle. Jeff and I were watching Survivor tonight too - it was his guilty pleasure before me, and he's sucked me in. The "family" episodes always make me cry, and Taj & Eddie were no exception. Yeah, I hate myself a little for just admitting that.

Emily said...

Jesus, it sounds like this woman doesn't have enough going on in her life if she STILL so concerned about how frequently you see your . . . person you currently like?

Jess said...

Yeah, I think her social life is lacking. I mean, you can't notice how much time I spend at the gym if you're not there half the times I am, right?

Awwwwww, Diana. That's so cute.

Stephanie said...

I wonder if Yogi McJudgerson is the same lady as Showoff McYogapants, the girl with the bob who I sometimes see at the yoga and pilates class on Thursdays. She goes out of her way to sit near the front, talk to the instructor, wear strappy tops and generally prove She Is Bendier Than You.

Jess said...

Did I know you went to that class? I very nearly went last night because I thought Renee would have class outside, but she didn't.

Is the woman you're talking about really tall and skinny? That's not her. Yogi McJudgerson is Asian (I'm pretty sure she's Chinese), with short hair. She is usually near the front, though. Her mat is a light olive green.

Stephanie said...

Ha, I am like the least coordinated thing to ever go to that class. Yeah, the girl I'm thinking of is Asian, and very about showing off how good her butt is, but that is about all I remember besides my annoyance. Maybe I will see you there soon--having someone to mock people with post-class is a great motivator for getting me to go in the first place!

Jess said...

I would love to finally go to that class. I keep telling Renee I'm going to show up (surprise! I'm one of those assholes who talks to the instructor ... but we totally mock people), but I'm such an anal retentive freak about my schedule I've yet to go.

This now gives me the motivation to go, too! Yay!