28 May 2009

Skip Day.

Today is my nephew's 11th birthday (it is also Kristin's birthday!). I joined him and my sister at the Twins game this afternoon. We figured with his sign today, if he didn't get circled, he never would. Of course, I recorded the game and now I've fast-forwarded through most of it and it doesn't even seem that the people who got circled to win the lottery tickets were actually circled. Was Bert's telestrator packed up already for the road trip? There were barely any crowd shots and that place was full of fucking kids today.

Boo, FSN. BOO! And the dorks who got circled and got the lottery tickets? Their sign said: "We Want Twitter To Say 'Circled By Bert'." LAME. And the fan of the game is some fucking kid sitting in the front row behind the plate acting like a dork? Isn't having sweet, expensive seats award enough?

I'm a little cranky because our row was jam-fucking-packed with assholes who kept getting up to leave and coming back during at-bats. What the fuck is wrong with people? Are you aware you're at a baseball game? I can't see what's going on when you're standing in front of me, shuttling in and out of the row. You can't wait until the inning break? What are you, five? God, it's so damn rude. Oh, and thanks to the fat, smelly fuck who showed up in the fourth inning (while Justin Morneau is batting, of course) and spilled into my seat for the rest of the game.

The loud assholes a few rows above us who wouldn't shut up ever and weren't talking about the game can go the fuck to hell, too. Maybe if I'd had more than one beer I would have not been so annoyed by everyone. Still, that beer and a hot dog at noon and the start of the game felt awfully delightful.

Wait. What? Only one beer? Yes, well, there is a reason for that. First, I'd have probably needed a nap. But the main reason is that I'm only home for a bit before heading out to the Varsity to see Doves tonight. I have been waiting seven years for this show. I'm not even convinced it's going to happen, because they've canceled on me at least two or three times in the seven years since they last played a show here.

I've seen a lot of shows since Doves played at the Fine Line with Elbow in June 2002, but that still ranks right up there with the best of them. They were supposed to come back later that year, but canceled to be on Letterman. The most recent time they canceled was because Jimi Goodwin's voice was all fucked up. They rescheduled every date but the show here. That was just scrapped.

WHY DO YOU HATE ME, DOVES? It's not Minneapolis they hate. Jimi Goodwin told me so. It was right around the time they canceled the show here to play Letterman that he told me as much. A friend was hanging out with him after a show in Dallas? Houston? I can't remember. But she called and said, "There's someone here you have to talk to." And I knew who it was the second he said "Hello." That was a delightful phone call.

So, I'm totally stoked for tonight. They have two entire albums worth of stuff I've never heard them play live. I hope most of what's dropped from the set list (where did I put that set list from the Fine Line show?) is the chaff from The Last Broadcast. The singles on that album were great, but the rest? Meh.

As it turns out, today is also Jimi Goodwin's birthday. If you're at the show and hear someone yell, "Happy Birthday Jimi," it's me. Well, unless someone beats me to it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go cut the feet off some black tights so I can use them as leggings under a very short skirt for the '80s-themed birthday party I am attending tomorrow night.


Jen said...

So how was the show??

Jess said...

It was fantastic. Well, other than the crazy drunk bitch fondling my hair.

I was pleasantly suprised to find out it was sold out when we arrived. They were as great as I remembered. I just hope it's not another seven years before they come back.