01 May 2009

Portland, here I come.

I just booked tickets for me, my sister and our mom to go to Portland in June for my cousin's lesbian wedding.


I was worried I wouldn't be able to afford the trip, which broke my heart because half the family isn't attending the wedding because my cousin is marrying a woman. Going and supporting them was SO. IMPORTANT. to me. But there's the whole new car and taxes and more expensive insurance that have been taking up a lot of my money. Oh, and you know, that economy thing that makes us all fear for our jobs.

Mom, after saying for months she wasn't going to go and complaining her ass off, decides (the day after I came to the painful decision that I wouldn't be able to afford to go) that she will pay for everything after my sister and I pay our plane tickets. Flights were expensive, though. The "cheap" flights had a stop in Denver or Seattle and had us arriving in Portland in the evening. Fuckers!

After watching flights constantly for a few weeks, I finally told them tonight that I wouldn't be able to afford a ticket unless it was less than $300. The current cheap flight at the time was a one-stop, eight hour trip through Denver that had us arriving at like, nearly 8:00. My dad, who constantly is on my ass about money, was like, "What difference is $20 going to make? If that's going to break you ..."

First of all, I'm actually trying to make a responsible, adult decision with my money and the very people who are constantly questioning my finances are conspiring against me. Thanks so fucking much, assholes. And really, don't I have to draw the line somewhere? Well, if $20 isn't a big deal, what about $50? maybe $80?

The ticket wasn't cheap. It's more than I wanted to pay, but ... oh well. Mom can fucking wait to get paid back if she's so all-fired ready to go. My sister thinks my mom might be uncomfortable around a bunch of lesbians. This never occurred to me. She'll just have to get over herself.

Now, I just need to decide if I'm going to buy a Rock the Garden ticket and try to go to that as soon as I get back.

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