26 May 2009

Okay, I get why I'm invited.

Blergh. I got an invitation tonight on Facebook to my hometown's summer festival that is coming up in a couple of weeks. Can't you people just leave me alone? You're not even having my high school choir director's band play at the beer tent? No fucking thank you.

I was perusing the invitation list and I'll admit, I was tickled to see a handful of friends from high school who I'd not seen in years and I kinda miss. However, I apparently don't miss them enough to attempt any sort of correspondence. Sure, I'll accept if they send me a friend request, but I'm not the kind of girl who ... you know, sends friend requests, I guess.

Some of the people on the list were people I knew well -- The Stylist, my brother, Best Friend Ever and her brother. There were plenty of names I kind of recognized. But why the fuck was Brock Lesnar on the list? I probably would have remembered if he was from Janesville.

Oddly enough, my mom asked today if I was coming home for Hay Daze. She said, "There should probably be room Saturday nite anyway if you wanted to bring a friend." Wait. What does that mean? Don't you remember the disaster when I brought the World's Worst Wing Woman? Did someone tell her about The Boy I Currently Like? Except no one really knows. Save for a couple of my aunts, and I was really vague with them.

This past fall, mom had asked if my sister and I were in relationships. My cousin's wife apparently told her that we both were and at least one of our situations was "pretty serious." Huh? I was able to be totally honest about my sister -- I didn't know shit. As for me? I just avoided answering the question at all. When I asked my sister later, she was equally perplexed. Apparently she had briefly been seeing someone over the summer, but it was never serious. I guess I wasn't exaggerating too much to say my cousin's wife was making shit up.

The less my family knows about my love life, the better. I dance around the subject if it comes up, but I don't want to lie. Why? Who knows. But I'm worried mom might ask again while we're in Portland. I've actually been dreading it since we booked the tickets. God, I don't know why I get uncomfortable and embarrassed talking about this kind of stuff with my family. Clearly, I don't give a shit about many random strangers on the Interwebs knowing entirely too much about my love life. Then again, y'all aren't going to ask "When do we get to meet him?"

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