18 May 2009

Nothin' to see here, you lookie-loos.

We had yoga outside again tonight. It was fucking marvelous. I'd been looking forward to it all day. With the nice weather, of course, comes more people walking, biking and driving by on the street. Christ. You'd think some of these dorks had never seen anyone doing yoga before. I get the little boy riding by on his bike who was staring. But the grown-ass father of two? His wife/baby mama seemed awfully embarrassed. Poor thing.

The only bad thing about outdoor yoga is that it is damn near impossible to fully relax in Savasana with stupid ants crawling on my arm. But I still feel awesome. Until I remembered I had my training appointment tomorrow. Boo!

A few other things I'm currently hating: this week. I want my short week now, dammit! I'm actually only working three days next week. Score for me! Also, Jesse fucking Crain. I HATE YOU SO MUCH. But hey, he didn't give up any homers or even any runs this inning. Baby steps Crainwreck (not mine ... The Boy I Currently Like's coworker came up with it. I like it, so I'm using it). Baby steps. This series has been fucking painful.

Finally, how did I end up living in a neighborhood with so many damn lilacs? God, I hate the that smell. It's so fucking cloying, it makes me want to gag. And it seems every other yard on the block has them. Fun!


Little Ms Blogger said...

You hate lilacs? LOVE how my yard smells after they've bloomed.

Still not tempted by yoga on the beach. I wish I could get into yoga because I know it's so good, but downward dog sucks....

I do like restorative yoga or 'alert sleeping' as I call it.

Jess said...

Yeah, there's totally something wrong with me.

I would never do yoga on the beach. Ugh. The sand would get everywhere. Do not want.