19 May 2009

I sure hope whatever you were eating was delicious.

It must have been, because you, unlike your compatriots, didn't fly away in time to avoid Barbie's left front tire as I drove to work today.

Stupid bird. I don't even like you; birds creep me out. However, that doesn't stop me from feeling terrible about killing you. Thanks a lot, jerk.


Emily said...

When I was about five years old my mom not only hit a bird while I was riding in the front seat, but it got lodged in her windshield wiper. On the freeway. I sobbed until she pulled over to flick it off the windshield.

Jess said...

Oh my God. That's awful! I think part of my hatred/fear of birds was the fact that one got into our car when I was a kid. The barn swallows that built a nest next to our door each year and would dive bomb us as we went about the yard might have added to that, too.

I didn't cry about the bird, nor did I cry about the squirrel I hit and killed not that long ago (I detest squirrels). But I totally cried when I hit a deer. That was ... Jesus, probably 18 years ago, and I still feel bad about it.