30 May 2009

I am on a mission.

To bring back the side ponytail. You heard it here first.

And it is totally okay, because I wasn't in on the trend the first time around. My hair was too short in the side ponytail's heyday to even consider doing such a thing.

I was kind of shocked at how awesome my hair looked in my side ponytail last night. And everyone loved it. Okay, so maybe I'll modify it a bit, but still, it will be a side ponytail.

Oh, and also -- people need to stop telling me I should get a breast reduction.


Emily said...

I'm bringing back the pigtails this summer. But mostly because it's hot, my hair is too short for a ponytail, and I am unemployed and don't need to worry about professional hairstyles.

Oh, and as far as the breast reduction goes, that doesn't seem like something you give unsolicited advice about. It's kind of like asking someone if they're pregnant. You can bring it up when THEY bring it up.

E-Claire said...

If someone told me to undergo major surgery without me expressing a desire/need for it... I would seriously bitch slap them and tell them to butt the f**k out.

Obviously you have a bit more self control than I do. But seriously, thats so rude!

Jess said...

I love wearing pigtails. However, when it's really hot, I have to resort to the half-assed bun, because I cannot stand having my hair touch my neck.

You would think the whole, "You should really have a breast reduction" is something you don't bring up to people, but it's happened to me more than once. Or twice ... I've kinda lost count.

I'm not sure it's actually self-control, E-Claire. I'm always so taken aback, I'm usually fairly speechless.