20 May 2009

Future planning.

This afternoon, I had an interview with one of the consultants working on my dad and uncle's succession plan/exit strategy for the farm. Despite talking to my sister and mom, I wasn't entirely sure what this was going to be all about.

Turns out it was a fairly interesting conversation. She asked about my dad and uncle's relationship and how they work together. Also about whether or not my parents really are going to move to town (my mom has said she'd move to town without my dad if she had to). It was pretty easy for her to clear up whether or not I had any designs on taking over the farm or wanting to buy the home place. Thanks, but no. I now appreciate the experience I had growing up on a farm, but it is absolutely not the life for me.

It was kind of sad to think about the house in which I grew up being sold; about all of our land being sold, possibly piecemeal to God knows who for purposes unknown to me. Not to mention no more hog farm means no more free pork. *sob* Oh, and to think about my parents' mortality was mildly unpleasant, too.

She inquired about what things -- personal assets, she kept calling them -- I wanted of my parents' when they die. I can honestly say I've never thought about that. Maybe their sweet TV? I don't suppose that's the kind of thing she had in mind. Now I need to take a good inventory of my parents' shit next time I'm home, and start staking my claim on stuff. I should probably make a list and take pictures, huh? My sister had the same idea, so at least we can get our fights out of the way now.

And what about their money? Is it odd that I really have no opinion on what they do with their money? I'm certainly not planning on getting a hunk of money from them at some point in my life. They can spend it all on themselves for all I care. It's their money.

I never thought she'd ask about my relationship status. Oh, but she did. No ma'am, I am not looking for a farm boy. I'm quite fond of a particular nerdy city boy. He's much more my speed.


Sloped said...

My parents left the farm I grew up on a little over a year ago. I had the same feeling about them leaving the house I grew up in, but I'm so happy they moved. My parents are so much better off where they are now.

Jess said...

Awwww, it sounds as if you've put them out to pasture.

The only thing I worry about is my dad going nuts if he doesn't have enough to do. That will drive my mom nuts and she'll either kill him or drive me and my siblings insane complaining about dad.

Hopefully, they move to a house that will have plenty of projects for dad, but not so many that mom will complain about the state of things. Failing that, I'll change my phone number and move so they can't find me to bug me.

Sloped said...

Haha, no, the exact opposite, they actually do things now instead of sitting at home wishing they had things to do. Sometimes I actually live life vicariously through them (sad but true).